About us.

How do we work?

Since 2016, we have produced over two-hundred pieces of content and events for clients in Mexico and around the world. Our previous experience working for companies, non-profits, marketing agencies, start-ups as well as our involvement at in-person, virtual and hybrid events has taught us everything we know on how to deliver remarkable media productions.

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Our gear.

We like to challenge ourselves by using the latest software available for all our projects. From video editing to color correction, from motion graphics to online streaming, these are some of the platforms we currently use:


As our team keeps growing, so is the equipment that we use. Our years of experience have made us gain trust in these brands:



We often get asked the same questions. We’ve put the most common in this section.

Yes! We have produced content for companies and organizations in over 15 countries/territories around the world.

No, we are content creators. We have done corporate and product videos before. If you like our work and if you would consider us for your upcoming project, tell us more about it and we’d be very happy to help you.

We don’t operate on an hourly rate but rather a project rate. Through a discovery call we get to understand the overall scope of your project. Most of out productions start USD $1,000 and go up to USD $20,000. 

We are a small production company but we are dreaming BIG. If our concept and vision attracts you, then reach out and tell us more about your skills and previous experience. We’d like to have you join our team.